USThing: A Mobile App Project
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jul 2016 – Present

USThing is a very fun and educational app development project that I had started managing for HKUST since July 2016. The goal is to create an app to be widely used by the campus community as an student engagement tool.

As a technological tool, the app brings convenience to students and enhances student life, transforming the campus into a better and smarter learning environment.  Its active user base had grown to over 5,000 after its first major promotional campaign in August 2017 and has been continuously growing.  Just one year after it’s official introduction on campus, the number of student active users had reached 30% of the entire student population of HKUST.  The app is still in development and it continues to make enhancements and add new functions according to students’ feedback and needs. Below is the first app demo of USThing:

As a learning opportunity, the app is developed by a team of students who’d receive practical training in mobile app development, as well as marketing and other relevant skills.   The start-up like team consists of about 40 students from various disciplines.   Here’s a recruitment video created by one of the many talented students on the team:

You can find out more about the app through its official website here and follow the team’s Facebook Page for updates.