It’s All About The… looks? HKUST President’s Cup


Revamping the HKUST Presiden’ts Cup
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The President’s Cup is one of the most prestigious competitions at HKUST since 2002. However the competition has not gained its popularity among the students as it’s originally intended and saw a decline in participation rate.  When I took up the project last year the first thing I did was to re-brand the whole thing.  The local designer I worked with gave the President’s Cup a refreshingly new image.  It was a lot more eye-catching to the students of today’s generation and attracted some very good entries to the competition.

Every year there’d be an exhibition on campus to showcase the projects of the semi-finalists.  Last year I re-designed a new set of materials for the exhibition and hoped it would help attract more audience – and it worked.  But unfortunately there was a really bad rainstorm just a few days into the exhibition and ruined most of the exhibits 😦  We had to close the exhibition early so I quickly set up an online exhibition so the students’ efforts could still be seen by the public.

I took the above photo when I passed by this year’s exhibition just a few days ago. Take a look at the competition website too.  It was part of the re-branding.  Let me know what you think!

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