ChristyYeung (2)

I have worked in the education industry for over 10 years, ultimately gaining expertise in project and event management, marketing, as well as student recruitment, engagement and development.  As an educator, I value the importance of fostering talents in the next generation – I take pride in incorporating education elements into my projects.  I love doing what I do – helping education providers plan, implement, and execute to achieve success.

In 2016, a serendipitous event led me to an app development project.  From there I’ve grown fond of UI / UX design.  It’s a vast field for exploration – new trends emerge every day so there are many opportunities to create as well as to learn.

I love making new friends and learning new things, just as much as I love travelling, reading, and watching movies.   Feel free to reach out, say hello, and share a story with me.  I’d love to chat with you.